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  Teacher using Sound Field Classroom System

‘Sound Field’ or a ‘Sound Field Voice Reinforcement System’ is essentially the integration of a mini-PA system in the classroom:

Under quiet classroom conditions, most teachers have enough natural volume in their voice to communicate effectively with a standard sized class. However, a number of acoustic factors (lively/noisy classes, reverberant room conditions, ambient noise from equipment and outside, hearing difficulties, etc.) can have a significant effect on clear, effective teacher/pupil communication. More Information

The inclusion of a Sound Field System in the classroom will raise the teacher’s voice above this ambient noise level, to give even voice coverage throughout the room and without the need to shout or raise one’s voice. This will provide significant benefits for teacher/pupil communication and understanding.
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What is a Sound Field System?
In it's most simple form, a Sound Field Voice Reinforcement System consists of the following components:

• Wireless Microphone and Receiver
• Amplifier
• Loudspeakers
• Connection Cables

However, due to the many differing conditions one may find within the classroom (type of classroom, size, number of pupils, ambient noise level, etc.), a Sound Field system can be designed and specified to give the best results for a given application, using a different number of speakers, different types of speakers, system positioning, inputs for AV equipment, etc.